Our latest screening, 'Mary & Max' was received very positively by the Society members on Monday evening, 18th June, as testified by the lively debate and discussion that followed.

Reaction slip comments have been collated, highlights below:

"Well observed - witty and sad"

"A good film to show to EFS - would never have watched this myself. I enjoyed the discussion afterwards. Themes were bleak, though! How come such famous actors were the voices?"

This interview with Philip Seymour-Hoffman (voice of 'Max') which also touches on the strong subject matter in the film may be of interest to you - watch the interview.

Another interview with Adam Elliot (Director) and Melanie Coombs (Producer) also sheds light on this question (read here) with Melanie particularly saying how the actors were paid a lot less than they would usually expect for such a role; and that their desire to become involved was essentially down to a respect for and love of the fascinating script.

"Thank you for introducing this wonderful work to us. I really enjoyed it."

"Entertaining, thoughtful, clever."

"Interesting, challenging and bitter-sweet. It felt unkind to laugh in places, although it relieved the tension. It explored some important issues."

A-ratings: 7
B-ratings: 2
C-ratings: 1

Further content:

Those who may be interested in finding out what the Director, Adam Elliot's views were on making the film, may be interested in the numerous interviews with him that can be found online - view here.