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Our next film, on MONDAY 19 June is SULLIVAN’S TRAVELS, a comedy satire made by US director Preston Sturges in 1941.

Dissatisfied despite his success making shallow comedies, Hollywood director John L. Sullivan wants to "know trouble" first hand, and plans to travel as a tramp so he can return and make a film that truly depicts the sorrows of humanity.

Following mix-ups and entanglements galore, Sullivan wakes up in a rail yard, with no memory of who he is or how he got there. In his confused state, he assaults the railroad worker who finds him, for which he is sentenced to six years in a labor camp.

Serving his time, ullivan slowly regains his memory, and attends a showing of Walt Disney's Playful Pluto cartoon. Looking at the pure joy in the audience's faces, Sullivan realizes that comedy can do more good for the poor than his proposed social drama.

Sullivan ends up re-united with the Girl and all ends well.

Please don't forget that members can invite their guests along to the film for one-off ticket fees if they wish.

The screening will commence at 7.30pm.

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Ely Film Society aims to offer a programme of engaging films - foreign, musical, classics and others - to film enthusiasts.

Film showings, using state of the art digital projection equipment, are held at 7.30 pm in the King's School Lecture Theatre, Old Palace opposite Ely Cathedral. They are offered at an annual subscription to members, who may bring guests for a one-off fee.

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Next film is on MONDAY 19 June 2017

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